Starbucks Korea Appoints Son Jung-hyun As New Ceo

The owners decided not to tease society, so the mermaid was produced far more modest, her seductive bust was covered with wavy hair. The crown on the head became clearer and larger, and a five-pointed star was placed in the middle. The inner-circle remained virtually black the outer turned green. The Starbucks name was made bigger, with only the word coffee at the bottom, separated by asterisks. It is exciting…Read More

Greatest Coffee Makers & Tools For Coffee Lovers

These clever coffee makers provide comfort, customization, and app controls, so you can have the great cup ready anytime you have to have it. Electric coffee makers also usually have options such as timed brewing, which can save time in the morning if your schedule is tight. It was substantially richer with a heavier mouthfeel and still maintained all of the beans’ chocolatey notes. It may perhaps lack a few…Read More